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Wallowing pool – to give or not to give

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I am having second thoughts if I should remove the pig’s wallowing pool in my future pen construction.

Watching them wallowing in water, cooling it down by the afternoon sun, living like a pig among brothers and sisters, their life could not get any better.  But other natural farmers ahead of me in the natural way of raising, argued that the bedding is already cool. The steady supply of drinking water cools them down. And on especially hot days they can enjoy a spray. A walloping pool, even if inoculated with indigenous microorganism (IMO) might cause ailments later on. That is their experience.

Oh, but I love seeing them enjoy a splash. But oh, I am beginning to see why some natural farmer will not give in to a pig’s wallowing pool.  The waste water from the pool had to drain somewhere. And if you don’t want to pollute your creek you had to do something about it. And it’s not something solid that you can make a biogas out of it. Their manure are decomposed by the presence of IMO in the beddings. The waste water are just like that, nothing solid in it, just wastewater.

And that is where I thought of putting my future azolla pond.

afternoon sun hits the pig's wallowing pool.

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March 7, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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