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Fermenting coconut residue (sapal)

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The Bicolanos are known for their love of food cooked in coconut milk. Their food are all the more sensational for their equal love of chili spice. After extracting the coconut milk there is a coconut residue (sapal) that can be fermented and fed to the pigs. And because we Bicolanos cook our food in coconut milk daily, I am left with a lot of coconut residue, and there is even a carenderia I get some every morning.

The sapal can even replace the copra meal in your animal’s grain feed, in case you are mixing your own. Just mix ten (10) parts sapal to one (1) part molasses, or until residue is fully covered, cover tightly and leave in a cool place to ferment for at least three days. Then it’s ready.

left: mix 10 parts sapal to 1 part molasses right: ferment for 3 days

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October 5, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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