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Ricewash for eliminating foul poultry odor

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I have a reader who wants to procure IMO but unfortunately i am not concocting right now for commercial purposes.
It’s a good thing she mentioned that it will be used to deodorize her poultry building. Chicken manure especially when wet will attract millions of flies and hey nobody wants that.
I had been using rice wash now to disinfect, deodorize and generally to sanitize any place around the farm like drainage canals, fresh manure piles, at the same way that imo is used.
It is easy to prepare but lack the storage lifeshelf of imo. When cooking rice, keep the water used to wash, up to second washing. I used an old mineral water galloner. Just add to it everyday until full. Then store for 5 days and not more. Storing them will allow for the good bacteria to multiply. More than 5days and bad bacteria will develop. You get a sour smell, not so bad to the nose. In this case yu had to use your sense of smell. We are looking for fermentation and not putrefaction. If the latter happens, you get a bad smell like your trash and that you had to discard.
After 5 days the ricewash is ready to use. I use it as it is, no more dilution. I either use a backpack sprayer, or apply it directly to my vegetable planted in sacks.

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September 22, 2013 at 10:58 am

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