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Beating jack in the bush

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For many years now, the weed Hagonoy (Chromolaena odorata) had been creeping into our grazing land. Known to have originated from South and Central America, it is commonly called siam weed, triffid weed, bitter bush or jack in the bush (King and Robinson, 1970).

It is unliked by the goats, in fact it is locally known to be a poison to them. Even the cows leave them alone. So for some time now there is no recourse but to remove them. But the roots are very tricky, a single root will still grow and once it flowered a million more will bloom.

clearing up the land of hagonoy weed

In the past I remedied by giving up the land’s use for grazing, and planted forages. This time Ben will bring in the monkey, err the bananas, in the hope that we can finally beat jack in the bush.

Written by Veni

March 17, 2011 at 9:38 am

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