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Seaweeds – green fertilizer from the sea

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For a few days now I’ve been observing from the road the recent presence of greenery along the point where the Aguada Creek drains down the Ragay Gulf sea.

Daroanak Island and Ragay Gulf offering me nature's richness in the form of green seaweeds

I have not seen it that many before, probably a lomot or the type that clings to woods or bamboo poles submerged on the sea for a long time. That I remarked to my son and we made plans to look it up closer on our way home from work and school.

school of small fish swaying by the seaweeds

I then took out a small plastic and selected those submerged under the water, which later on turned out to be exactly 3 kilogram (kg). If I can use this as a material for fermented seaweed extract (FSE) then I am going to have a very good supply of nitrate, amino acid and other minerals for my farm. And its free. Otherwise you can get your protein requirements from fish meal, fish entrails or kuhol snails. Fish amino acid (FAA) or kuhol amino acid (KAA) are a vital component in making a complete organic basal fertilizer called IMO5.

Before we left my son asked me to take a photo of him with this favourite friend playing dead.  That is, after running with the little creature and digging it up as it crawls hiding into a sand hole.  When he finally caught it the poor fella had no choice but to play dead. He assured me it’s fine because he always returns them to the sand after they get reacquainted. All legs intact, hopefully.

little pal, big happiness

Written by Veni

March 10, 2011 at 5:48 am

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