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Carbonizing Rice Hull

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During my travels in Mindanao late last year, I took time to see my old friend in Zamboanga Sibugay. When she learned that I am now into natural farming, she took me to a friend of hers, who has a small family farm, successfully integrating the raising of vegetable, rice, and animals like pigs and ducks using the natural farming system.

At the entrance to the farm are a mound of rice hulls. I have never carbonized rice hulls before, as I had to source them out of my own place, so I asked him how he does it. I particularly want to see his carbonizer, and might need a pointers or two how to do the whole process.

Some farmers fabricate their own carbonizer, out of a tin can, puncturing holes on its side, and allowing for air to escape at the top by inserting a metal tube.  One gets the fire going by filling the tin can with fully-lighted wood, then dumping the rice hulls all over it. Smoke emanating from the top tells you its working, and as blackened rice hull appears anywhere, just add more so they get carbonized as well.

But this farmer taught me otherwise.  Why not get a good fire going,  heap upon it a good pile of rice hulls, and so on.

a good smoke comes out of burning rice hulls

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August 23, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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