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The long road to the milking stand

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It’s been a week now that we’ve been squeezing milk out of our newly calved dairy cow. It’s been a long road, more than three years to be exact, since we had the cow dispersal. 

First off, what we had was what you might call “foreclosed” couple of cows and one 3-month old female calf. They were originally shipped from New Zealand way back in 2005. The farmer-beneficiary wasn’t milking them and just generally wasn’t taking good care of them hence, they got transferred to our farm. 

We spent a lot of miss in breeding them, after an even more time in rehabilitating their health. Astig, one of the cow, finally gave birth to a female offspring in Dec 2013, while the one with calf in tow, whom we named Gurangan, just calved last Aug 2015. It was a male born on National Heroes’ Day so we are naming our future herd breeder, Hero. 

Astig barely had just enough milk to sustain her offspring, and we were not able to milk her for human consumption. But this time, three years after, Gurangan’s health completely reconditioned, we are ready to spend a long time in the milking stand, every morning and afternoon. 

But then after such a long time of dry period, we had mastitis, a common occurence in dairy animals, to deal with. After a shot of antibiotics, we squeeze milk to feed the baby cow Hero and give the rest to our guard dogs. The withdrawal period will be a week after each shot. 

Once we have the milk clean and fit for you to drink, we will deliver them to the processing plant in Pili, Cam Sur. 

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September 8, 2015 at 5:43 am

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