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How to make fermented fruit juice (FFJ)

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It’s been weeks since my grapes had started flowering, and so i need a concoction that will provide potassium and additional nutrient to support this change-over period. 

Potassium will serve to sweeten the young fruits. As the famous researcher Shibada Genshi remarked, the enzymes found in fruits are as sweet as honey. 

Since the bignay (Antidesma bunius) is in bloom like crazy these days, i am going to use this for  FFJ.  

Here’s what you will need-

1. Plastic pail

2. Manila paper

3. 3kg Molasses

4. 3kg ripe bignay fruits

5. Something heavy to crush the fruits. Here i used a small glass container. 

How to do it-

1. Crush the fruits using the bottom of the glass container.

The crushing is just to break apart the fruits so the molasses can do its work during fermentation. 

2. Put the crushed fruits inside the plastic pail and mix with the same amount of molasses. 

  3. With the container at least 3/4 full, to allow for fermentation to occur; cover with manila paper and tie tightly with a string. 
4. Store in a cool and shaded place for 7 days. 5. This will yield at least 6 liters of FFJ. 

How to use-

1. Mix 10ml of the FFJ to a liter of water. Or to a backpack sprayer, fill with water until almost full and add 150ml concoction (you can use a small sardine can for measuring). 

2. Spray on the leaves and around the soil of frui-bearing trees either very early in the morning or in the late afternoon. This is to allow for the live microorganism to get under the soil while the sun is not yet up as they will be killed by the heat. 

3. Apply once a week from change-over or flowering until one week before harvest. 

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July 28, 2015 at 2:56 pm

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