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On Securing a Farm

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When it comes to providing the first line of defense in a farm, nothing will beat a guard dog.
Dogs not only live up to their name as man’s best friend, but more as owner’s best and loyal ally when it comes to securing your farm from other humans especially at night.
At the moment we have four generations of dogs, headed by the alpha female matriarch Hachi. She is small but can stand her ground among her pack. Next in line are her two offspring, Pops and puppy. And her another offspring, two more puppies, both male. Last are two of Pop’s first litter, two more male puppies. Right, the males have no names, as after years and years of raising dogs we finally run out of names. Now they are all called pups. When all packed together and charging to you all at once, you will be left with no choice but to run for your life.
To be safe, all are maintained with bi-annual vaccination for rabies by the local da technician. So far, in all these years, we haven’t made a trip yet to the doctor or encountered complaints that one of our dog had bitten anyone.
So what are they good for? They do sing, or rather, make a damn fine noise, waking you up in the middle of the night when they see or even smell something was about around them. Over the years i have learned to be wary of that kind of thing. Hey, nobody wants to go out in the middle of the night everytime they howl eh? Sometimes they like barking at the cow. But now that cows have a shed of thier own at night, that possibility is out of the question.
But tonight, or rather in the middle of the night, i hear the ducks made a noise. They are housed together with the native chicken. Then the dogs followed forth. I get up, flashlight in hand, and made a cursory show of how powerful my flashlight is, pointing the beam in key directions. I did not venture far from the door, and made sure i have dogs beside me. There are seven of them, enough to guard me and attack any intruder. After less than a minute, i got inside, drunk water and go back to bed. Pretty soon all was calm again. Just like that.
In any farm, i can tell you that the most animal stolen are chicken. We have them and we seldom cull for our own food but they are rapidly dwindling. My caretaker would sometimes point out to times during the day that we may be out and that’s when the thief would strike.
So next, we plan on installing cctv. Last recourse would be a good shotgun.

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October 25, 2013 at 4:06 am

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