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Fruit flies and growing ampalaya

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I find it hard to compete with fruit flies. Without hanging a naturally concocted fly attractant, I just resorted to bagging each fruit. We were able to enjoy a productive first few weeks, selling them at php25/kg when the market prices in Naga City ranges from php50-60. But they were planted beside the banana areas, and that’s where we had the real problem. Some of the bananas had to be harvested earlier than 90 days, and then the fruit flies already pestering the ampalaya will jump right in. We decided to remove the ampalaya. We will just plant on another part of the farm, limiting production that will sustain the family and the farm workers only.


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July 11, 2012 at 5:39 am

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coco creamed moringa

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The region i’m in, in the Bicol, down south of Luzon island; is known for its home cooking using coconut cream. Add to that the signature chili, especially the small mean ones called as siling labuyo, and you have a busy, furious meal time. One final note, get those glass of water ready. The cooking will take time. First you have to grind the coconut meat. To better extract, use lukewarm water, then press the pulp between your two hands, like forming a mudball in it, with all your might till the juice comes out. In a pan filled with the coco cream, toss garlic, onions, ground pepper, and this time i used canned sardines. I will cook outside, the weather’s fine after the rains of the recent low pressure area off Manila, using firewood. The mixture will need constant stirring till it boils, then the prepared moringa can be added. Salt to taste. Kick in that red chili. Bon appetit!

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July 4, 2012 at 1:25 pm

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