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How to prevent your native chicken from flying away

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Last Christmas we brought to Manila a couple of native chicken for that Bicolano dish of dinuguang manok.

Since its blood will be used in the cooking, we brought it alive. And of course it will be cooked in coconut milk, other wise it’s not a Bicolano delicacy. But everybody became busy the chicken survived.

After 11 months I came back to that house, to find the chicken still alive, and looking very regal grazing about. The househelp, who hails from Abra province, as was the practice in their village, tied into their legs a piece of metal to keep them from flying away. The weights, which reminds me of those worn by prisoners, will work to keep them heavy, discouraging them to fly. This for me sounds better than the other practice of cutting their wings.

Written by Veni

November 21, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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