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Passion for passion fruit

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On the eve of the recent barrio fiesta I woke up  sweltering in the  the early morning hours, there had been a brown-out.

At least it’s a respite from the loud music of the peryahan.  But to learn that the cause was a ruptured transformer, mainly bec there had been too many household users, and that it will be replaced three days later, was enough to get me sweltering again.

We do not get our water through the electric pump now. That at least is a consolation, there is now a somewhat reliable barangay waterworks system  in place. I can manage taking a shower in the dark.

Without the sattelite cable tv, the internet, there was only the full moon outside to amuse my boys. Preparing to endure another humid night, after dinner I took another cold shower.

And there when I got back,  were my boys on the dining table, in front of them a plate full of opened passion fruit. Cutting in half, sprinkling salt, slurping the juice, no, they didn’t bothered offering me some. You see, it’s their first time, and sweats on their foreheads are  enough sight for me. I can remember how I got hooked a long long time ago..



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July 23, 2011 at 12:23 am

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Maintaining deep-bedding system

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In natural hog-raising, the  standard space per pig is way much larger than the conventional pens.

For fatteners, allow at least 1.5 square meter per head, and for a breeding pen, a 2×3 meter per sow will be very good for your animal. This is to allow ample space for them to dig and maintain a dry space within.

The beddings will eventually get wet from the wastes, and get compacted. All one need to do is mix  new beddings, allowing at least 5days fermentation for the IMO to multiply, before refilling into your pen.

mud bath, anyone?

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July 5, 2011 at 9:26 pm

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