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Azolla is free

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Ben finally admitted it this morning. He now believes in the power of azolla. It can level the playing field.

The high cost of commercial feeds and the low liveweight market price leaves the backyard pig farmer scratching his head in search of profit. Azolla can change that. It is free. Ask any natural farmer anywhere in the Philippines, and they will gladly give you a handful. The natural farming trainings of Andry Lim, conducted almost anywhere in the country, now gives them away to every participant. In Manila Sandy gives them away during organic market days. They found in azolla a very easy to grow and multiply feed alternative, and biofertilizer rolled in one.

azolla ponds ready for daily harvesting

My neighbor’s chickens are wrecking havoc on our new plants. They are given azolla to propagate so their chickens may not stray away from them anymore. I love giving them away. In a blink of an eye my azolla have multiplied even more.

From my farm to yours, come and get your azolla for free.

Written by Veni

April 19, 2011 at 9:05 pm

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How To Make Deep-Bedding System (DBS)

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1. Dig one (1) meter deep. Keep an inch of solid ground from the walls intact. This way the pigs could not burrow under and eventually eat your hollow blocks walling. 

2. Start filling up your hole by putting a half- foot of dried coconut hulls.

 Sprinkle with indigenous microorganism (IMO2) – prepared by diluting a small sardines tin can of pure IMO2 in a pail of water which is around fifteen (15) liters. 

3.Chop the usual slice of coconut husk into three (3) and fill up a foot of it to the hole.

4. Gather dried leaves and fill up another foot. Sprinkle with IMO2.

5. Fill up the remaining hole with a combination of fertile soil, sawdust, carbonized rice hull, and salt.

To mix, i use this ratio:

3 sack of sawdust,

3 sack of rice hull, (better if you can carbonize it)

4 sack of soil,

3 kg of salt.

Sprinkle generously with IMO2 while mixing. Form in to a pyramid and cover for three (3) days. This is to allow the IMO to multiply in the final layer of your DBS.

Written by Veni

April 15, 2011 at 8:41 pm

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What rain?

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The day after I’ve blogged about La Niña, my daily farmworkers came back to work. Only two days of soft rain, and the sun was back with a vengeance. They continued clearing the land in preparation for the coming of Ben’s banana. That was a week ago.  We have never seen rain again. And to dry everything up further, Amihan the cool northeast wind still blows. The weather bureau had promised it will end many weeks back.

Well, what else is new, what I can say now, this is a place that have been spared from La Niña, thank God for that, because these days when it rains it really pours cats and dogs. At least our water source haven’t dried up.

Written by Veni

April 4, 2011 at 3:08 pm

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