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Sowing good luck

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Good luck.

I never thought that a simple utterance of  good luck could elicit such raucous laughter from my son.  He is beside me filling polybags with soil. On those he filled up, I was trying to sow the seeds of miracle fruit, 9 seeds of them, that we asked from our future farm neighbor.  He must have known my knack for planting, and as I dumped each seed I gave them my blessing. Good luck. My son was in tears from laughing too much. He is joined by his father who is raking leaves nearby, who asked what am I planting called good luck.

Have I told you how, on our trip to Corregidor Island last year, I picked up seeds of fire tree and one other that I fancy, sown them when I got back home and out sprung guyabano seedlings?  I took the soil from the compost and that is most probably where I got those guyabano seeds. Anyway, to make it short, not one fire tree came out and now I am nursing a beautiful row of guyabano seedlings.

Miracle fruit, indeed.

Written by Veni

March 22, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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