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CPF piglets

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My new piglets have finally arrived – all 8 of them. The two biggest weighs 10.75kg while the smallest  is at 8.75kg. They had an ave weight of 9.53kg.

40-day old piglets

They took well to a newly built corner of our pigpen, happily munching on charcoal tidbits that were mixed with the last batch of bedding mix. I remarked that they seem to have a bit of a smell- coming from a conventional pigpen hehe so on their first hour at their new home they got a brief shower of IMO. That is also meant to sanitize them, huh. This is going to be my first time to try CPF feeds for piglets and I would be happy to share how they are going to fare. When they are ready they will be shifted to natural feeds to lower production cost.

4m x 4m deep-bedding system and ample ventilation on all sides to keep it dry

Written by Veni

March 18, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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