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Earthworm my tiller

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Yesterday our future neighbour (they live in the city right now) dropped by.  They have fenced in their one-hectare land adjoining us and have plans to revive the soil. Like ours before we acquired it ten years ago, theirs was an open field that were used mainly by the carabaos to graze upon, compact, and eat the nutrients away.

They have also started to turn the land. Plowing with a carabao,  then later on planting mongo crops, and after the mongo flowers, they will be tilled back to the land.  I was asked where I bought my ozito shredder, as they have plans to buy a rota-tiller tractor. They have plans to buy loads of organic fertilizer and I was informed that Durabloom fertilizers now cost php300 per bag of 50 kg.

Back at the farm I showed them around, including my own IMO5 or basal fertilizer, and too bad I can’t show them our land tiller.

They are earthworms silently doing their job under the soil. And did I say that they work for free?

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March 13, 2011 at 5:46 am

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